Business Immigration & Consultancy Services
Solutions for Individual Entrepreneurs & Corporate Businesses

At VDH & Associates we help clients from all over the world to come to the United States and establish new businesses, acquire existing businesses and make investments in a manner that enables our clients to obtain an applicable visa to live and work in the USA. 

At VDH & Associates we focus on tailoring the very best immigration and corporate solutions that meet the needs of our clients. Known for our creative Business Immigration solutions, we can assist with a wide range of different visas and citizenship by investment programs; this includes the EB5, E1, E2, and L1 visa programs. Additionally we support visa immigration cases for Professional Athletes, Musicians and Actors who whish to enter the United States to live and work.

VDH & Associates we also provide turn-key and custom-tailored solutions for all our business clients through our Business Consultancy Unit. We facilitate from basic incorporation services to negotiating terms for complex mergers and acquisitions, you can rely on our talented team of corporate professionals to fulfill your corporate needs. We represent businesses of all sizes, and have been retained by our clients for all business related matters. Our industry sector experience provides substantial value for our international clientele, and it is our firm commitment to fully grasp the unique needs of your business. For most of our clients, this means having global resources, and the ability to provide international corporate solutions on a truly local level. Protecting your business interests requires professional knowledge and support.

Additionally, VDH & Associates has implemented a Client Care Team whose sole function is to assist you with adaptation and integration into to the American way of life. From finding a new home, to moving and arranging utility hookup, school registration and drivers license, our team can handle it all. 

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