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Business Immigration

Obtaining permission to work and live in the United States can be a complicated process and requires a working knowledge of the different visa options that are available. At VDH & Associates we advise businesses and individuals so they can navigate this process with optimal efficiency and minimal expense.

Every client is different making each and every case unique. The way to proceed and choice of which visa is extremely important and we believe can only be made after we fully understand you and your objectives. We don’t believe in standard cookie cutter solutions, we sculpt a unique tailor-made immigration solution for our clients. After all, we represent you and your business to the United States Government. 

While we do have experience across a wide variety of immigration matters, we exclusively focus on business related immigration we have extensive expertise and specialized in the following visa categories:

·       E1 – Treaty Trader

·       E2 – Entrepreneur 

·       EB5 – Immigrant Investor

·       L1 – Intra-Company Transfer

Additionally we support immigration cases for professional athletes, musicians, actors, and entertainers who wishes to enter the United States under the P visa category.

Contact us to thoroughly evaluate the specifics of your circumstances and answer any questions you may have regarding to your immigration goals.

We will advise you on which option is best for you and provide you with an estimate of the expected fees to develop a tailor-made immigration strategy.

At VDH & Associates personal service comes first. Operating on a global level and across vast time zones, we are available seven days a week for your convenience.

While we would be honored to assume the privilege of providing you with advice and representation, it is important to understand that consulting with our firm does not mean that you have become a client and it does not establish a client relationship or any further obligation from either one party or provide services or representation on our part other than the consultation itself. 

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