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Once you are in the process of obtaining a US immigration visa or have been granted a visa to enter the United States, you and or your family need to initiate steps to actually move and start your American way of living. 

The integration process can be daunting, even if you already know someone or have family members already living in the United States. Among the many things you will need to arrange are: 

  • Finding a home 
  • Move into your new found home
  • Arrange for all utilities to be connected 
  • Obtain a social security number
  • Open a personal bank account 
  • Get a drivers license 
  • Buy or lease a car 
  • Arrange insurance 
  • Find a family doctor 
  • School registration for your children

America is divers with many different heritages and cultures. This makes America, among many other things, America. Maybe you have visited the United States before as a tourist or a shot stay without actually being part of the community. Have you ever heard of the term “white elephant” and what is meant by it? Or what do you bring when you get invited to someone’s home for dinner?

At VDH & Associates we realize that coming to America can be daunting or overwhelming. Therefore we offer our Client Care team to assist you with whatever you need before and after your move to the United Sates. 

Contact us to discuss the specifics of your needs and answer any questions you may have. We will advise you on which option is best for you and your family.


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